To demonstrate the character conversion process, we'll start with a FASA Star Trek, The Role Playing Game character from the adventure module The Srrider Incident: Commander Winston Driveon, CMO of the USS Lexington. The basic format of the FASA character is similar to an ICON character: a section detailing the character's identity, posting, species and so on; a set of attribute scores; game-specific combat data; a list of known skills and skill levels; and finally a writeup detailing the character's history, description and personality.

Name: DRIVEON, Dr. Winston
Rank/Title: Commander
Current Assignment: Galaxy Exploration Command,
USS Lexington, NCC 1709
Position: Chief Medical Officer

Race: Human
Sex: Male

STR-50  CHA-70
END-60  LUC-46
INT-86  PSI-29

Combat Statistics:
To-Hit Numbers-  Bare-Hand Damage: 1D10 +4
Modern: 38  AP:9
HTH: 47

Significant Skills  Rating
Administration 52
Carousing 26
Computer Operation 72
Damage Control Procedures 32
Environmental Suit Operation 10
Instruction 35
Andorian 33
Klingon 22
Life Sciences
    Biology 52
    Bionics 40
    Botany 33
Life Support Systems Technology 27
Marksmanship, Modem 21
Medical Science
    General Medicine, Andorian 75
    General Medicine, Human 89
    General Medicine, Vulcan 41
    Psychology, Andorian 53
    Psychology, Human 83
Personal Combat, Unarmed 40
Personal Weapons Technology 09
Physical Science, Mathematics 32
Planetary Science, Geology 11
Small Equipment Systems Operation 25
Social Sciences
    Andorian Culture/History 33
    Federation Culture/History 35
    Federation Law 15
Space Science. Astronomy 14
Starship Sensors 12
Transporter Operation Procedures 38
Zero-G Operations 17

Distinguishing Physical Characteristics:
The doctor has a round face, stark white hair, and a deep voice. He walks with long strides and has a rather sinister grin.

Brief Personal History:
Birthplace: Brooklyn. U.S.A.. Terra.
Cadet Cruise, Merchant Marines Command, USS Farragut, 1 year.
Star Fleet Training Command. USS Nightingale, 7 years.
Galaxy Exploration Command, USS Saratoga, 6 years.
Military Operations Command, USS Churchill, 6 years.
Galaxy Exploration Command. USS Lexington, 1 year.
Winston was born to a poverty-stricken family in the slums of Brooklyn. Earning a scholarship to Oxford University, he eventually got his doctorate in medicine. However, instead of doing work in the public sector, he joined Star Fleet Command. During the Four Years War, he earned the Legion of Merit for saving the lives of over 30 crewmen in the Battle of Kyros.

The doctor is a practical joker. Teamed up with V'Shall, he has played practical jokes on almost every member of the crew. His favorite joke involved planting a z'thil, an Andorian whoopee cushion, in the Captain's seat. During the execution of his jokes, he always keeps a straight face.
Doctor Driveon has an easy-come, easy-go attitude toward life. Because his Legion of Merit medal is important to him, he wears it all the time.

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