The Kahless Class Experimental Cruiser was a pre-Treaty of Algeron attempt to integrate cloaking technology with Federation propulsion, computer and tactical systems. Although Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott succeeded in jury-rigging a captured Romulan cloaking device to work on the Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser U.S.S. Enterprise on SD 5027.3, this was a singular achievement. Scott himself noted that spacegoing species who used cloaks - that is, the Romulan Star Empire and its then-allies, the Klingon Empire - used vessels which had a far flatter planform than most Federation starships. He theorised that starship classes like the Miranda, a recent development from the older Soyuz Class, could be fitted with cloaks, since its planform was very similar to the Romulan Bird of Prey. To test this hypothesis, Starfleet's BuShips authorised the fitting of Federation drives and, weapons and command systems to three captured Klingon ships, two K'T'Ingas and a Klolode. The K'T'Ingas were commissioned as U.S.S. Kahless NX-K-100 and U.S.S. Morath NX-K-101 and dubbed the Kahless Class. The third ship, U.S.S. Bat'leth NX-K-102, was never completed or commissioned.

The Kahless was destroyed in 2292 during Operation Golden Fleece. The Morath was decommissioned after several years of covert testing. It now resides in the Utopia Planitia Engineering Museum, orbiting Mars. The cloaking field generator was removed and warehoused until the signing of the Treaty of Algeron, when it was destroyed. The Bat'leth was used as a phaser target at Starfleet Academy's Jupiter Flight Training Facility.

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