The Klingon Empire is another of the Galactic Powers bordering the Triangle, along with the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire. The Klingons are a proud, Honour-bound and bellicose race. They are an old race, with many enemies. They are currently allied with the Federation and on poor terms with the Romulans, their some-time allies.

Typical female and male Klingons

Female Klingon               Male Klingon

The Klingon Empire is ruled by Kahless cha'dich (Kahless the second), a clone of the original Kahless the Unforgettable. He is the first Emperor in 300 years. The Real power sits with Martok, the Chancellor of the High Council. Martok succeeded Chancellor Gowron, who was defeated in single combat by Lieutenant Commander Worf. Worf named Martok Chancellor and was, in turn, made Federation Ambassador to the Empire.

Emperor Kahless            Chancellor Martok            Chancellor Gowron           Commander Worf

Klingons favour bladed hand-to-hand weapons, but this does not stop them from using Disruptor Pistols and Rifles, which they merely regard as efficient tools.

Kingon High Council chamber on Qo'noS

The Klingon Empire is separated from the Federation by the Organian Neutral Zone, imposed by the Organians in the late 2260's, but now merely a border area. The capital planet is Qo'noS, orbited by its moon Praxis, which was devastated by a mining incident in 2293, causing the Federation to aid the Klingons, leading to the Khitomer Accords.

Qo'noS               Praxis in 2293

Planet Name Class Diametre (km) Position Moons Gravity Day (hrs.) Atmosphere Climate Industry
Qo'noS M 19,500 III 1 (Praxis) 1.5G 28.5 Terrestrial Tropical Government
Praxis D 3,500 (fragmented) IIIa 0 0.5G 125.5 Vacuum none Dilithium Mining

The Klingon Empire should be regarded as completely separate from the Imperial Klingon States. The Empire does not recognise the existance of the IKS, and the IKS refuses all contact with the Empire.

The Klingon Empire consist of more than racial Klingons, but also a large number of servitor species, more than mere slaves, but less than citizens. These species do much of the labour in the Empire, releasing the Klingons to pursue thier own interests.

Various servitor species

The Imperial Klingon Navy fields a large number of ships, seconded from the Great and Minor Houses of the Empire. Naval warships are almost completely crewed by racial Klingons, servitor races not being regarded as honourable enough for Naval service, but they often crew freighter and transports.

Klingon military freighter                              Klingon transport
Brel class Bird of Prey                              K'vort class Cruiser
K'T'Inga class Cruiser                              Vor'cha class Battlecruiser
Neghvar class Battlecruiser                              Voodieh class Battleship

The Empire has a large number of Ty'go'kor class stations on its borders to guard agains incursions. These are the equivalent of Starfleet's Star Bases.

Ty'go'kor class station

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