Star Trek - Campaign Chronology


Zefram Cochrene 's initial Warp flight results in First Contact with Vulcans, who are killed by Cochrane. Cochrane takes over Vulcan ship T'Plana Hath and conquers Vulcan for the Empire.


Empress Sato I captures extradimensional Federation vessel USS Defiant, kills Commander Jonathan Archer and takes over the Terran Empire.


Spock born on Vulcan.


James Tiberius Kirk born.


James T. Kirk and Kevin Riley survive cull of colonists on Tarsus IV by Kodos the Great.


Lieutenant Spock serves under Captain Christopher Pike on ISS Enterprise.


James T. Kirk graduates Academy.


Lieutenant Commander James T. Kirk assigned to ISS Enterprise.


Commander Kirk, now XO, assassinates Captain Pike and succeeds him as Commanding Officer.


The ISS Enterprise i caught in an ion storm which transposes Kirk, McCoy, Scott and Uhura with their Federation counterparts. Kirk's double convinces Spock to take over the ship and become captain.

Months later, Spock exiles Kirk to Ceti Alpha V.


Ceti Alpha VI explodes, throwing Ceti Alpha into new orbital path. Kirk barely survives, and swears to get revenge.


ISS Enterprise is refitted. Rear Admiral Spock, now Chief of Starfleet Operations, defeats V'GER and is acclaimed as Emperor.


Commander Pavel Chekov and Captain Clark Terrell discover Kirk alive on Ceti Alpha V. Kirk takes command of ISS Reliant by killing Terrell, and ambushes Emperor Spock, who is inspecting the Genesis Project on Regula. Kirk kills Spock in single combat (or so he claims) and crowns himself Emperor Tiberius I.


Tiberius I kills Chancellor Gorkon at Battle of Khitomer and conquers Klingon Empire in aftermath of Praxis disaster.


Tiberius I killed while launching ISS Enterprise NCC-1701-B.


Cardassian Empire annexes Bajor, forming Bajoran/Cardassian Alliance.


ISS Enterprise NCC-1701-D destroyed as a result of experiments by El-Aurian Scientist Tolian Soran. Captain Jean-Luc Picard enters extradimensional Nexus and returns with Emperor Tiberius I, who entered the Nexus in 2296. Tiberius is killed by Soran, but not before convincing Picard to take over Terran Empire.


Picard destroys Sona fleet and forcibly relocates Baku. Picard now controls secret of immortality.


Shinzon leads a coup on Romulus, is killed by Picard. Picard uses threat of thalaron radiation to take over Terran Empire.


Hobus star goes supernova, destroying Romulus and Remus. Romulan Star Empire crumbles, is annexed by Picard and the Terran Empire.

Star Trek® is a trademark of Paramount Pictures. The above is a synopsis of adventures in a role playing campaign using the Star Trek, The Next Generation Role Playing Game® rules sets produced under licence by FASA Corporation and Last Unicorn Games.

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