The orbital station is comprised of six cargo pods (of a design copied from the Klingons). Three of these are used only for bulk cargo (as the colony produces and imports a huge quantity of material). The deck plan shows only the middle deck of the station (the decks of the other two pods above and below this point are for specialty "break bulk" cargos handled on individual pallets. In these pods:
  • 1. Government offices.
  • 2. Hotel. Rooms are on decks above and below.
  • 3. Hospital.
  • 4. Cargo elevators (no access from this deck).
  • 5. Open courtyards.
  • 6. Shopping, restaurants, entertainment, etc.
  • 7. Business and trade offices.
  • 8. Food court.
  • 9. Power systems, police.
  • 10. Military offices.

There is a turbolift system that connects all six pods. Stations are located near the (4) elevators. Pass codes are needed to reach certain turbolift stations.

Shopping includes all manner of consumer and tourist products which have found a market with visiting spaceship crews (both Romulan and foreign). Restaurants include a variety from high-end to fast food. Some feature only "ethnic" food (Human, Romulan, Klingon, Andorian, Orion) while others feature a selection of cuisines. The station holds a monthly Iridium Chef contest which is broadcast to the homes of the workers below. Entertainment includes movie theaters, a stage play theater, and various "adult pleasures" you would expect in a rowdy spaceport.

The factory pod, owned by House Aurellius, provides a limited ability for zero-gravity manufacturing. This facility is off-limits to foreigners and most civilians, not so much because it is secret as because the insurance brokers who cover it insist on this as a safety measure. Parts of this pod can be adjusted in gravity, from zero-G up to four-Gs, to facilitate manufacturing. This pod has complete machine shops, matter transformers, and replicators. It can manufacture a huge variety of things, including just about any spare part that your spaceship might need. It also processes some of the ores from the planet as certain crystals are easier to extract in zero-G conditions.

Some of the brokers can arrange to have products manufactured to order for visiting traders to purchase in small or large quantities. The factory includes facilities able to manufacture tourist curios from "ancient artifacts" to "Ravennan daggers."

The business and trade offices provide permanent office space for the brokers (several of them are here, representing Houses, or groups of Houses, or corporate trading organizations). The mining complex also has offices here to sell their production, buy needed food, and hire workers who arrive from other Romulan planets seeking employment. It is a custom of the station to provide each ship which is docked with a small (3 metre square) office in which to do their business. A group of secretaries employed by the station provide business services.

Station Inhabitants
Customs Official
Julius Certas Romulan male
Cargo Broker
Gaius Marcus Romulan male
Police Supervisor
Lieutenant Tal Solis Romulan male
Litia Solis Romulan female
Jasonius Langdonius Romulan male
Shop Owner
Santor Vetas Romulan male
Petty Criminal
Marius Julius Romulan male
Bar Tender
Quantum Bill Orion male
Vertika Orion female
jarl QowI' Klingon male

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