The triangle is a large expanse of heavily-occupied, lawless space between the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire, so-called because on a 2-D starchart it is roughlt triangular in shape. Nimbus III, the so-called Planet of Galactic Peace, is in the galactographic centre of the Triangle. The Triangle is based on material by FASA Corp.

Map of the Triangle
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The Turnstile: (Click on a subject line for more information.)
The Orion Frontier Mercantile Association, known as the Turnstile is a small grouping of Orion Syndicate-dominated worlds, nominally independant, but for all intents and purposes it may be considered a subset of the Orion Colonies.
Doo III: A newly developing world.
Freeloader: De-facto capital world of the OFMA.
Laldan VI: Breadbasket of the OFMA.
Workday: Thriving industrial and tradeworld.
The Baker's Dozen:
Formally know as the Affiliation of Outer Free Worlds, the Baker's Dozen is a relatively tight alliance based on common interests and mutual defence, formed after the Four Years War of the 2250's.
Archibald III: A solar powered industrial world.
Baker's World:The capital world of the AOFW.
Colil V: An ice bound world with extensive Preserver Ruins.
Devotion: The religious headquarters of The Children of the Covenant.
Hoot: A "Wild West" style ranch world.
Fountainworld: A luxurious resort world.
Jav VII: An Andorian inhabited tradeworld.
Martin's Star III: Source of the fabulous cobali thermgems.
Maze: Mountainous industrial and mining world.
Morning Garden: A pacifist Asian/Vulcan world.
New New Aberdeen: The shipbuilding industrial hub of the AOFW.
Niic IV: A low-tech alien world.
Paxton III: A mining world at war with Paxton IV.
Paxton IV: An agricultural world at war with Paxton III.
The Imperial Klingon States:
The IKS is a very rigid collection of planets inhabited by Klingons who fled what they call "the Great Plague" in the late 2260's. This refers to the cure to the Augment Virus, which they saw as undesirable. In effect, they are TOS smooth-headed Klingons. They reject any contact with other Klingons, considering them unclean, and worship the old Klingon gods. They are unaware that the cure is no longer effective, and if they find out about the Federation's attemp to modify cure for the Sphere Klingons, they will do anything they can to stop it. This, of course, means that they will be implacable foes of the crew of the Rising Sun.
Kinarra: Mining world of the IKS.
Klin'sann: Throneworld of the IKS.
Mattarra III: IKS Naval Base.
North Pasadena: Former Federation science outpost.
Penchan II: Interdicted military outpost.
The Mantiev Colonial Association:
The Mantiev Colonial Association is a loose collection of planets who are dedicated to "Strength through Alliance". It is inhabited by rugged individualists and is currently engaged in a civil war.
Chaniviev: Leading world in the Rebellion.
Kallendeva: Site of the most intensive fighting in the civil war.
Mantiev: Capital world of the MCA.
Stork's Rest: Mining world largely untouched by the civil war.
Independant Worlds:
Asteroid Belts: A prime source of income in the Triangle is asteroid mining, and this has spurred the formation of a new culture - Belters. Belters are mostly Human and are often physically adapted to zero G or light gravitational habitats. They are matriarchal and ruggedly independant.
Fooled Again: An arctic world, source of the blue gemstone Icealia.
Jackson's Hole: A wild 'n' wooly independant desert world.
Lanroche VIII: A typical tradeworld.
Nimbus III: A barren desert world, officially neutral, dubbed the Planet of Galactic Peace. This planet houses delegations and ambassors from the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire, though that last posting is rarely filled.
This Is It!: A prime class M planet.

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